About EZwoodshop.com

My original idea for ezwoodshop.com was to provide a review of wood project plans that could be downloaded from the Web. After a careful look at what was available, I soon realized that most of the plans were designed for experienced woodworkers. No problem with that, really. However I couldn't help but wonder how many people out there are just getting into the craft - people who don't have 10+ years of woodworking experience - and a shop full expensive power tools!


There was also the question of how complex a project really needs to be to serve its purpose. Some people are perfectly content to build a simple workbench with 2x4s and nails - while others insist on using hardwoods, mortise & tenon joinery, and expensive shop tools that can cost thousands of dollars. Unfortunately there are very few websites that address a project builder who falls somewhere between these two extremes. Complicating the matter is that most plans I find online are somewhat difficult to follow (even for experienced woodworkers). That's simply a matter of poorly-written instructions, which seem to be more commonplace than I would have expected. Woodworking plans, perhaps more than any other type of plan, really do need clear, concise, and easy-to-follow steps. Anything short of that opens the door for mistakes - which not only waste money and materials, but can cause accidents in the shop.


I created EZwoodshop.com to address these problems, and hopefully fill in the missing pieces that most woodworking plans and woodworking websites leave out. Here you can jump-start your woodworking skills – and at the same time build some great pieces of furniture for your home and shop.