EZ Cutting Diagrams

   EZ Project Planner (70-page eBook)

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EZ Magic Drawing Cubes

number 1EZ Magic Drawing Cubes

This unique set of graph paper templates helps you sketch wood project ideas in 3D - even if you've never been good at drawing in perspective.

EZ Cutting Diagram

number 2  EZ Cutting Diagrams

See at a glance how many boards you’ll need for a project, and which board lengths provide the most economy. This set includes templates for all common board sizes.

EZ Pilot Hole Guides

number 3  Scale Ruler and Graph Paper

EZ Scale Ruler and companion graph paper lets you easily create 1:12 scale drawings of your project on letter size paper.

EZ Bookcase Plans

number 3  EZ Project Checklist & Materials

This convenient set of forms allow you to anticipate the tools you’ll need, the time required to complete each step, and what to include in your shopping list.






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