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Jumbo Templates Make Floor Plans EZ!

The problem with most types of graph paper is that the sheets are just too small to see what you're doing - especially if you want to lay out a large floor plan for a shop, a deck project, or even a kitchen remodel job. The EZ Floor Planner solves the problem by letting you create large-size templates from a standard home printer.

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The planner includes a set of downloadable PDFs that you'll save to computer. The jumbo and large versions print in sections - on standard letter-size paper - that you can easily tape together to make the oversized templates.

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What You Get

check mark3 Floor Planner Templates - Jumbo, Large, and Letter.

All three sizes of my EZ Floor Planner feature 12x12 unit squares - which make it easy to estimate feet and inches across the length and width of your floor. You decide just how large of a template you'd like to work with. The Jumbo version measures 25" x 22" (after all sections are combined), which nearly covers an entire table top. The bigger the template, the better you can visualize how your floor layout will work.

check markBonus Download: Jumbo Graph Paper

There's no running out of room with these large-scale graph paper templates. They're perfect for drawing just about anything that needs straight lines and square corners. Best part is that you can print as many (or as few) copies as you need for a given project. This is truly a a graph paper pad that will last forever!

What's in Andy's Art Box?


jumbo PDF pages


PDF templateAbout Large & Jumbo Templates

How to Print and Assemble

These special PDF templates print in sections - on normal letter size paper - and are easily assembled using a little tape on the backside of the paper to hold everything together.

Each section includes registration marks and guides to help you line up the edges of the overall template. See below for more information about printing and assembling the large and jumbo templates.




How to Print and Assemble Large and Jumbo Pages

print pages
trim pages
assemble pages
tape pages

Print PDFs
Print large and jumbo pages just as you would any other PDF document. You can use the PRINT button located at the top of each page.

Trim Pages
Find crop marks at upper and lower edges of paper - or just follow the edge of the image. Use a steel ruler and blade to remove excess margins.

Assemble Pages
Note the position icon on each page. The star tells you where the page should be located in relation to other pages in the document.

Tape Pages
Bring page sections together along trim lines and secure with tape - two short pieces on front, and one long strip across the back.

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