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Plywood Planner - Jumbo

Find the Best Fit - Before You Cut !

The EZ Plywood Planner makes it easy to decide where to lay out project pieces on a standard 4x8 plywood sheet - which helps reduce waste and costly mistakes when building a wood project. Scaled diagrams lets you see exactly how much space is available for your wood pieces. If something doesn't fit - just draw the shape in another location or at a different angle.

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No special software or drawing tools are needed - just a pencil, eraser, your printer, and some letter-size paper. All graphs are downloadable PDFs that you'll save to computer. Jumbo and Large sizes print in sections that you can easily tape together to make the jumbo-size templates.



cutting diagrams


jumbo pages

What You Get

check markScaled 4x8 Diagrams (Downloadable)

The EZ Plywood Planner includes three downloadable diagrams - jumbo, large, and small - each scaled to represent the dimensions of a standard 4x8 plywood sheet. I've included tick marks at 12" intervals along all edges of the board to easily see where project pieces can be located.

check markBONUS DOWNLOAD - 2x4 & 2x6 Cutting Diagrams

It's easy to underestimate how many boards you'll need for a project, and that usually means a return trip to the lumber store before you can get the job done. These templates help you work out the exact number of boards you'll need - before you head out to buy supplies..


pdf templatesAbout Large & Jumbo Templates

How to Print and Assemble

The Plywood Planner includes large- and jumbo-size templates. These special PDF documents print in sections - on normal letter size paper - and are easily assembled using a little tape on the backside of the paper.

Each section includes registration marks and guides to help you line up the edges of the overall template. See below for more information about printing and assembling the large and jumbo templates.

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How to Print and Assemble Large and Jumbo Pages

print pds
trim pages
assemble pages
tape pages

Print PDFs
Print large and jumbo pages just as you would any other PDF document. You can use the PRINT button located at the top of each page.

Trim Pages
Find crop marks at upper and lower edges of paper - or just follow the edge of the image. Use a steel ruler and blade to remove excess margins.

Assemble Pages
Note the position icon on each page. The star tells you where the page should be located in relation to other pages in the document.

Tape Pages
Bring page sections together along trim lines and secure with tape - two short pieces on front, and one long strip across the back.

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