EZ Center Stick

   Here's What You Get:

number 1SMALL Center Stick

Perfect for finding center on molding and trim with all the common widths you’ll find at your local home center, like 1x1s and 1x2s

number 2MEDIUM Center Stick

Designed for finding center on dimensional lumber, like 1x3s, 1x4s, and 2x4s. Perfect for when you need to mount hardware along a center line.

number 3LARGE Center Stick

The large center stick tackles the larger size boards, like 1x6s, 2x6s, and 1x8s. I like to use this stick to attach a piece of trim along a center line.

number 4BONUS: EZ Edge Guide

Perfect for building boxes and cabinets with 1x boards. Mark lines exactly 3/8" in from the edge –which places the pilot hole dead-center over a 3/4" board below.



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