Magic Drawing Cubes  

Magic Drawing Cubes - Basic
Magic Drawing Cubes - Tall
Magic Drawing Cubes - Tall

Sketch in 3D - Even if You Can't Draw!

This unique set of graph paper templates helps you sketch wood project ideas in 3D - even if you've never been good at drawing in perspective. No special software or drawing tools are needed - just a pencil, eraser, your printer, and some letter-size paper. All graphs are downloadable PDFs that you'll save to computer.

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What You Get


check markBasic Cube - Perfect for Drawing Tables and Benches

The square shape of this cube makes it perfect for sketching anything that has an overall square or rectangle shape.

  • Draw Boxes & Cabinets
  • Draw Tables & Workbenches
  • Draw Sheds & Playhouses



check markTall Cube - Perfect for Drawing Bookcases and Cabinets

The extra tall format of this cube makes it perfect for designing bookcases, tall cabinets, and outdoor structures like pergolas and garden trellises.

  • Draw Bookcases and Book Shelves
  • Draw Tall Cabinets and Armoires
  • Draw Garden Pergolas and Trellises



check markWide Cube - Perfect for Decks & Patios

The wide format of this cube makes it perfect for designing anything with a wide footprint that sits low to the ground or floor.

  • Draw Decks and Patios
  • Draw Stairs and Retaining Walls
  • Draw Flower Beds and Water Gardens