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Easy-to-download PDF wood project calculator helps eliminate waste (and money) when estimating material costs.


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number 1EZ Lumber Calculator

My scrap board pile would easily take over my entire shop - if I let it. So I try to be careful to buy just enough wood to complete the project at hand. One way I've discovered to make lumber cost calculations more efficient is to first figure out which board lengths (6, 8, 10, etc.) will produce the least amount of waste from project pieces that need cut. Working these numbers out on paper can be tedious and prone to a lot of mistakes. So I created this simple lumber calculator to do the math for me. First enter the project piece length and quantity needed. The calculator then tells you how many boards to buy - plus - which board length will yield the least amount of waste. You can also enter local prices, and the lumber calculator will give you a total cost for your purchase.


number 2EZ Board Foot Calculator

It's not really necessary to understand the math behind a board foot. In fact, you could easily visit a hardwoods lumber store with your project plan and tape measure in hand and probably come away with everything you need - without having to calculate anything. The real advantage in understanding board feet is that it allows you to estimate the cost to build a particular project - which can be considerably more expensive with hardwoods than dimensional lumber - before you commit to that project.

The EZ Board Foot Calculator let's you do just that - estimate the total board feet you'll need for a project - and then find the total price you'll pay for a given board-foot price



number 3EZ Plywood Estimator

With today's high prices for a quality sheet of plywood, it's important to be as efficient as possible in estimating number of sheets to buy for a given project. The EZ Plywood Estimator helps you determine what that number should be. Just enter the dimensions of a project piece you want to cut, and the quantity you need for that piece. The calculator then tells you how many 4x8 sheets you'll need to buy. I've also included a price comparison chart where you can estimate the total costs - based on local prices you enter in the form.


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