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Playhouse Plans - Made Easy

The problem with most playhouse plans is that they are designed by experienced carpenters – people who know more about building real houses than building something simple and fun for the backyard.

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My EZ Playhouse Plans are designed for anyone who can follow simple instructions and use a few common power tools. You won't find construction-site jargon in my plans - just easy to follow drawings and photos.

Here's What You Get:

Step-by-step slideshow instructions
How to frame a small building
How to shingle a roof
Framing templates
Cutting diagrams

Playhouse Step-by-Step Slide Shows

playhouse plans screenshot
playhouse plans screenshot

Framing Guides

Cutting Diagrams

playhouse plans screenshot
playhouse plans screenshot
playhouse plans screenshot
playhouse plans screenshot

What Makes My Playhouse Plans Different?

Step-by-Step Slide Shows…build at your own pace
Adobe Flash slide shows let you click your way forward or back through each step of the project. Along the way you’ll get tips and techniques for cutting wood, choosing nails and hardware, and assembling the floor, walls, and roof.

Full-Size Templates…draw tricky angles and patterns with ease
My EZ Playhouse Plans include printable Adobe PDF templates for cutting precise rafter angles - without having to use a carpenter’s square or protractor. I’ve also included a printable bevel gauge that you can use to check the accuracy of your saw.

Framing Guides…for clear and concise assembly
See a skeleton view of how each section of the playhouse goes together – with exact dimensions for every board you’ll use in the project.

Cutting Diagrams…easy-to-follow layouts that reduce waste
Save money in lumber costs with my no-waste cutting diagrams. I’ll show you exactly where to cut on every board and plywood panel to get the most from the lumber you buy.


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