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Bamboo Plywood

Since prehistoric times, builders have been using Bamboo to construct houses, build furniture, and make tools. Interestingly enough, Bamboo is not really a type of wood – but rather a unique type of grass that can grow quickly – sometimes as quickly as two feet in only a couple days. If properly managed, bamboo can be a renewable source of lumber for generations to come

More recently Bamboo has become a popular material for home flooring and for plywood sheets used by woodworkers and cabinet makers. It has a beautiful color, is extremely durable and strong. Bamboo plywood is typically made from 5-year old bamboo, which is cut into rectangle-shaped strips and then processed to remove oils and sugars. A final drying process brings the moisture content down to about 7 percent. The bamboo strips are then sandwiched together and bonded with strong adhesives – some of which are environmentally –friendly glues with low toxicity.

Bamboo plywood can be handled in much the same way as any type of plywood – using conventional woodworking tools (table saw, router) to cut the material to size. Bamboo accepts most all types of hardware and fasteners that you would typically use with other lumber in the shop. Most lumber distributors sell bamboo plywood unfinished, allowing carpenters and woodworkers to finish the material as they see fit. The resin content of Bamboo is low, and the grain accepts stains and other finishing applications similar to other hardwoods.


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