Plywood Prices:
Typical Prices for Estimating the Cost of Plywood Panels



Estimating Costs and prices for CDX, OSB Plywood

How much does a sheet of plywood cost? One of the quickest ways to spoil the excitement of building a wood project (like a bookcase or workbench is to underestimate the cost of materials. Plywood is especially tricky to estimate, since prices vary so much from one grade to another. The following chart should give you a rough idea of what you'll have to spend for a typical 4x8 panel (sheet). Download my free plywood calculator for estimating how many panels you'll need and the total cost for the project. Also, be sure to check out my lumber prices page for estimating dimensional lumber costs.


Construction Plywood vs Project Plywood

First understand that home improvement centers cater not only to homeowners, but also to general contractors. That means most plywood at the “big box” stores is for roofing houses, building garages, and covering bathroom floors (it’s called sheathing). You’ll have to look a little deeper in the aisles to find plywood better suited for projects like cabinets. This doesn’t mean you can’t use plywood sheathing for small projects. In fact, sheathing might be your best choice for things like shelving in the garage, storage cabinets in the basement—or anything where function is more important than appearance. Sheathing might be a little rough to the touch, but it’s still an amazingly strong and durable piece of material. Best part is the price – which is well below the cost of other types of plywood.




Construction Grade Plywood

Thickness Type Size Price
15/32" CDX 4x8 Sheet $28.97
23/32" CDX 4x8 Sheet $35.97
Thickness Type Size Price
11/32" RTD 4x8 Sheet $9.97
15/32" RTD 4x8 Sheet $13.47
19/32" RTD 4x8 Sheet $14.47
23/32" RTD 4x8 Sheet $17.97

Thickness Type Size Price
1/4" OSB 4x8 Sheet $5.97
7/16" OSB 4x8 Sheet $7.49
1/2" OSB 4x8 Sheet $8.39
19/32" OSB 4x8 Sheet $8.97
23/32" OSB 4x8 Sheet $13.37


Cabinet Grade Plywood

Thickness Type Size Price
1/4" Sanded Pine BC 4x8 Sheet $13.27
15/32" Sanded Pine BC 4x8 Sheet $15.47
19/32" Sanded Pine BC 4x8 Sheet $21.47
23/32" Sanded Pine BC 4x8 Sheet $21.97

Thickness Type Size Price
1/4" Sandeply Hardwood 4x8 Sheet $18.97
1/2" Sandeply Hardwood 4x8 Sheet $33.87
3/4" Sandeply Hardwood 4x8 Sheet $43.97
1/4" Oak Plywood 4x8 Sheet $25.97
1/2" Oak Plywood 4x8 Sheet $42.97
1/2" Birch (3 ply) 4x8 Sheet $41.97
3/4" Birch (5 ply) 4x8 Sheet $44.97


Why So Many Kinds of Plywood?

If you’ve ever wandered around the lumber section at your local home improvement center, you’ve probably seen the endless stacks of plywood lined up and down the aisles. The variety can be overwhelming, with cryptic labels that even store employees don’t understand. Some plywood panels can cost as little as $10, and others nearly $100. So how do you decide which plywood to buy for a project? Find out more here.




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