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Outdoor Scale Lumber Kit


Indoor Scale Lumber Kit


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What You Get:


What You Get:


Why Scale Wood Lumber?

closer lookscale plywood - Finland birch4 Plywood Sheets4x8 Plywood Sheets


scale plywood - Finland birch2 4x8 Plywood Sheets4x8 Plywood Sheets


Building it small first - helps you avoid big mistakes later! That means money saved.

closer lookscale basswood 2x424 Basswood Pieces2x4x8 Basswood


scale basswood 2x412 2x4 Scale Boards2x4x8 Basswood


Indoor Project Kit - is perfect for workbenches, bookcases, tables, cabinets.

closer lookscale basswood 2x66 Basswood Pieces2x6x8 Basswood


scale basswood 1x46 1x6 Scale Boards1x4x8 Basswood


Outdoor Project Kit - is perfect for sheds, decks, pergolas, gazebos, playhouses

closer lookscale basswood 4x46 4x4 Basswood Posts4x4x8 Posts


scale basswood 1x66 1x6 Scale Boards1x6x8 Basswood


Free Scale Ruler - both project kits include a free ruler in 1/10 scale for designing projects.

closer lookscale ruler1 Plastic Scale RulerPlastic Scale Ruler


scale basswood 1x126 1x12 Scale Boards1x12x8 Basswood


Free Wood Calculator - for estimating number of boards needed and cost..

closer lookwood calculator1 Board CalculatorBoard Calculator


scale ruler1 Plastic Scale RulerPlastic Scale Ruler


Free Plywood Template - for sketching out project pieces on plywood sheet.

closer lookplywood cutting diagram1 Plywood TemplatePlywood Template


wood calculator1 Board CalculatorBoard Calculator


Outdoor Scale Lumber Kit $24.95


plywood cutting diagram1 Plywood TemplatePlywood Template


Indoor Scale Lumber Kit $19.95


Little Lumber Accessories

magic drawing cubes

Magic Drawing Cubes

Printable graph paper templates help you sketch wood project ideas in 3D - even if you've never been good at perspective drawing. Easy to download PDFs.

lumber calculators

EZ Lumber Calculator

3 wood calculators in one! Estimate material needed based on board length, board foot, and plywood panels. Enter local prices and see total cost for project.


Scale Wood Lumber

Building it small first helps you avoid big mistakes later! Includes Free Scale Ruler and Free Wood Calculator for estimating board length and total project cost.

project planner

EZ Project Planner

Unique set of downloadable graphs, grids, and scaled ruler give you the basic templates you need to hand-draw your own schematics, cutting diagrams, and 3D illustrations.

plywood planner

Jumbo Plywood Planner

Make it easy to lay out wood project pieces on a standard 4x8 plywood sheet - and find the best fit to save money and reduce waste. Easy to download PDFs.

bookcase plans

EZ Bookcase Planner

10-page planner shows you all the basics of building a bookcase. You decide the height, width, number of shelves, and overall style for your bookcase design.


floor planner

Jumbo Floor Planner

Perfect for laying out a large floor plan for a shop, a deck project, or even a kitchen remodel job. Printable jumbo PDF pages makes layout and sketching easy.

workbench planner

EZ Workbench Planner

Inside look at how workbenches are constructed - with downloadable grids, charts, and diagrams for designing your own bench.

little lumber store

Photo of Andy Building it small first can help you discover problems in your project design - long before you start cutting your full size lumber. With an inexpensive glue gun (I got mine for less than $10) – it only takes a small dab on the edges of each board to quickly hold everything together. Each kit includes a flexible plastic scale ruler - and my EZ Project Panner for sketching out your project ideas. Let me know what you think!




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