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Design Center

Design Center Project Plans

Design Wood Project Plans - EZ Magic Drawing Cubes Download

3-4-5 Triangle Rule for Laying O

Design Your Own Floor Plans - Jumbo Floor Planner Diagram Download

Drawing Supplies - What's in Andy's Art Box?

How to Use Graph Paper for Woodworking, Project Design, and Landscaping

Graph Paper - Download Free Graph Paper

EZ Wood Project Planners - 6 Pack Combo


Boards & Lumber

Buying Lumber - Cup, Bow, and Crook

Wood Lumber

Storing Lumber

Lumber Calculator - DIY Project Calculator for Board Feet, Board Length, and Plywood

Lumber Dimensions - Actual vs. Nominal - What's the Difference?

Scale Wood Lumber - Build it Small First and Avoid Mistakes Later - Basswood Modeling Wood

Scale Wood Lumber Packs - 1/10 Scale Basswood Modeling Wood



Plywood Prices - Typical Prices for Common Plywood Panels

Plywood Prices - Download Free Plywood Price Chart and Calculator

Plywood Grades - A,B,C,D - What do the Letters Mean in Plywood?

Baltic Birch Plywood - The Perfect Choice for Shop Jigs and Scroll Saw Work

CDX Plywood - What Does the "X" in CDX Plywood Really Mean?

Bamboo Plywood - It's not really wood - but rather a unique type of grass.

Design Plywood Project Plans - Jumbo Plywood Cutting Diagram Download


Wood Plans

My First Project: Easy Woodworking Plans for Beginners

Easy Cutting Station Woodworking Plans

Easy 2x4 Workbench Plans

Easy Bookcase Plans

Wood Plans - Easy Woodworking Plans for Workbench, Bookcase, Pergola, Playhouse, and More.

Workbench Plans - Design and Build Your Own Garage Workbench

Workbench Height - What's the Perfect Height for My Bench

Playhouse Plans - Easy to Build Playhouse Plan for Backyard

Bookcase Plans - Easy Bookcase Plans & Designs You Can Build<

Bookcase Plans - Design Your Bookcase Plans

EZ Potting Bench Plans - How to Build a Potting Bench the Easy Way

Loft bed plans - Choosing Loft Bed Lumber and Hardware

Platform Bed Plans

Sawhorse Plans - Easy to Build Sawhorses

Rat, Bat, Crow, and Black Cat Halloween Patterns - Build Your Own Halloween Party Decorations.

Halloween Templates - Rat, Bat, Crow, and Black Cat Patterns.

Birdhouse PLans - How to Design a Birdhouse

Pergola Plans - How to Build a Pergola Attached to House or Deck


Wood Joints

Easy Wood Joints - Pocket Holes and Sandwich Half Laps

Wood Joints - Make Woodworking Joints the Easy Way

Butt Joints - How to Make Butt Joints the Easy Way

Wood Joints - Full Butt Joint

Wood Joints - Mitered Butt Joint

Wood Joints - Dowelled Butt Joint

EZ Lap Joints - How to Make Lap Joints the Easy Way

Wood Joints - Full Lap Joint

Wood Joints - Half Lap Joint

Wood Joints - Mitered Half Lap

Wood Joints - Cross Lap Joint Joint

EZ Dado & Groove Joinery - How to Make Dados, Groove, Rabbets the Easy Way

Wood Joints - Basic Dado Joint

Wood Joints - Blind Dado Joint

Rabbet and Dado Joint - Woodworking Joinery

Table Saw Dados - Getting clean dado cuts from your table saw.


Wood Tools

EZ Story Stick Measuring Tool

Perfect Pilot Holes - How to Match Drill Bit Size to Woodscrew

Top 3 Mistakes Using a Drill / Driver

EZ Wood Tools - How to Build Wood Projects with Easy-to-use Tools

Ryobi Saw - Cordless Ryobi One 18v Lithium 4 Pc Combo Tool Kit P843

Ryobi Cordless Drill - 18v Lithium-Ion - Perfect for Easy Wood Projects in the Shop

Cordless Jigsaw for Woodworking Projects Ryobi

Irwin Quick-Grip Clamps - Easy Woodworking Clamps

Rafter Squares - Johnson Structo-Cast Rafter Angle Square (quick square)

Combination Square - The Magic Tool for Woodworking Projects

Tape Measure - Pick one and stick to it

Bevel Gauge - Finding the Right Angle for Laying out Woodworking Projects

Countersink Drill Bits - Get Woodscrews Properly Seated in Your Next Wood Project

Cabinet Levelers - A Smart Choice for Building Wood Shop Cabinets

Drill Bit Chart - Get Free Download Drill Bit Chart for Wood Shop


How to Build Anything

3 Tools, 3 Boards, and 3 Steps

How to Use a Circular Saw, Drill, and Jigsaw

Buying Lumber - 2x4s - 1x12s - Plywood

How to Measure, Clamp, Cut

How to Build a Box - Solid wood, carcass, frame

Drilling and Driving - Nails, Woodscrews, Countersink

Pine Finish - VOCs and Wood Finishes

How to Finish Pine - Steps for Applying Clear Coat, Stain, or Paint

Pilot Hole Guides - Make Your Own Pilot Hole Guides for Woodworking

Plywood Cutting Guide Plans - How to Build a Circular Saw Guide for Cutting Plywood

Woodshop Safety Posters - Work Safely in the Shop With These Gentle Reminders

Wood Lumber Calculator - Estimate Boards Needed for Wood Projects