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Butt Joints - How to Make Butt Joints the Easy Way

The simplicity and clean look of a butt joint makes this type of woodworking joinery a popular choice for workbench plans and other shop projects. The joint can be somewhat deceiving, though, considering that the work that goes into making this joint is often hidden from view.

For example, a mitered butt joint at first glance appears to be nothing more than two boards glued together at 45 degree angles. Although it’s possible to do this, most woodworking projects demand more strength than a simple joint like this can provide. That’s why butt joints usually include some type of reinforcement to make sure everything holds together. Reinforcements for butt joints can be anything from simple metal brackets that you hammer in place (like in joist framing for house construction) to meticulously-created dowels, biscuits, and mortises.

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Full Butt Joint

Although it's probably the easiest wood joint to make, the full butt joint requires some extra hardware and fasteners to keep it your wood project solid.


Mitered Butt Joint

Most miter joints call for some work on the table saw, but a simple 45 degree joint on dimensional lumber can easily be tackled with a circular saw.


Doweled Butt Joint

Making boards and dowels come together in perfect union requires at least a drilling guide for your portable hand drill - or better yet - a good drill press.


Drill Bit Chart

Finding the right size drill bit - to match the right size woodscrew - to match the right size board can be a challenge. Free downloadable drill bit chart eliminates the guesswork.


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