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Wood Joints - Cross Lap Joint


wood joint cross lapCross lap joints are similar to the type of joinery you see in a log cabin. Each board is neatly interlocked with the next, and in some cases, can hold everything together without the need for hardware or glue. The more practical application, like in workbench plans, is to combine the locking strength of a cross lap with some additional reinforcement - like screws, bolts, and/or glue.

Cross lap joints tend to have a nicer look and feel than the more simple lap joints (full lap joint and half lap joint). The edges are completely flush, and the exposed joinery can add some style and beauty to an otherwise ultilitarian woodworking joint. They're fairly easy to make, which means ou'll find cross laps in both simple woodworking projects (like workbenches) and fine furniture (like tables and chairs).

Cross lap joints call for the same type of work you'll do for half laps - which means you'll need to remove a section of material from each adjoining board and then clamp and glue them together. The tools of choice for this type of procedure are the table saw and router, along with some simple shop jigs that make the whole process more manageable.

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