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Wood Joints - Full Lap Joint


wood joint full lapThis might be the only woodworking joint you can create without using any tools to speak of - a few nails and a hammer is all you really need to make a full lap joint. That's why most lap joints show up in places like outdoor decks, patio furniture, workbench plans, and other utility-style structures. And if you add a little glue on both surfaces before you attach them together, you'll have a decent wood bond that will hold up to some fairly rough handling.

Full lap joints work best with deck screws and/or carriage bolts to hold everything together. Also, this is a easy type of joinery to use if you want to take everything apart later. Just back out the screws, disassemble the frame, and then put it all back together in another location. It's also nice to be able to occasionally tighten the joinery should things loosen up over time.



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