Rabbet and Dado Joint

wood joints rabbet dado

The rabbet & dado combination is probably the most popular type of dado joinery. It's very similar to a basic dado joint that you might see in bookcase plans, but with some super strength added in - all from a small rabbet that you'll cut along the end of each shelf. It may not seem much different from a basic dado joint, but that little extra touch of interlocking action can make a big difference in overall stability.

Just about any variation of this joint can be cut with either a table saw (with dado blade) and/or a router (with dado jig). If you're starting out at the table saw to cut the rabbets, it's probably just as well to cut the dado on the table saw, too. Of course, this all depends on the size of your work piece. For example, if your'e working with large plywood panels, a hand-held router with a dado jig will be the more practical choice.



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