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Lumber - Buying and Storing Lumber for Wood Projects

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Lumber Prices

Use this handy chart to estimate costs for buying 2x and 1x boards at your local home center. Compare prices across different grades and wood types


Plywood Prices

Plywood prices stay relatively steady over the years - which makes the costs of building with plywood a real bargain compared to using other materials.


Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic birch plywood originates in Europe – primarily the north areas of Russia and Finland. Much of the quality that Baltic birch is known for can be attributed to the quality of trees.


CDX Plywood

Some mistakenly think the "X" stands for "exterior" - which is not true, exactly. The letter stands for "exposure" - which means the plywood is tough enough to withstand a little moisture.


Storing Lumber

It's amazing how many people stash their cutoff bin in some out-of-the-way location that's hard to get to. That sort of defeats the purpose of storing lumber.


Plywood Grades

Softwood plywood has one of the easier grading systems to understand when it comes time to buy - thanks to the simple A-D letter system.


Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo plywood can be handled in much the same way as any type of plywood – using conventional woodworking tools (table saw, router) to cut the material to size.


Lumber Dimensions

For starters, you'll need to know that softwood lumber (like pine, spruce, and fir) is measured one way, and hardwood lumber is measured another.




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