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Circular Saw

Ninety percent of everything you do with a saw is related to simply cutting off the end of a board. A circular saw is the perfect tool for the job.


Cordless Drill

Just as much a problem as screws not going in far enough, are screws that go too far. This can cause more problems than you think, because the damage stays somewhat hidden from view.


Cordless Jigsaw

One thing I like in particular about this style of jigsaw is the laser beam - which does a nice job of letting you know where your cut line is.


Wood Clamps

Irwin bar clamps may be the most awesome tools I have in my shop. It's nice how well these things work. I guess the best part is the one-handed operation.

Lumber Calculator

Plywood estimator lets you figure quantity of sheets needed and total price for project. Includes Board Foot and Board Length calculators.


Rafter Squares

The most clever part of the Johnson design is the color. The bright, fluorescent orange is hard to miss in the shop, and as a result, I have yet to lose any of these squares.


Combination Square

Keep in mind that the cheaper combination squares won't last forever. I've noticed that the ruler on one my older Stanley squares is starting to look a little bent up.


Tape Measure

What I do know about the tapes I own is that some definitely work better than others. It all comes down to how strong the lock-down button is.


Softwood plywood has one of the easier grading systems to understand when it comes time to buy - thanks to the simple A-D letter system.


Bevel Gauge

I found a more reasonably-priced calibration tool called the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge for about $40. I'm reading lots of kudos about the thing, so I thought this little gadget might be just the thing.


Countersink Drill Bits

See my favorite choices for countersink drill bits - which are the perfect tool making sure wood screws get properly seated in your wood project..


Drill Chart

See 12 of the most common drill bits used for building wood projects - from simple twist bits to complex hole saws.





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